Back to School Cheap Refurbished Desktop Computers Under $200

back_to_school-computersTechnology is constantly changing and improving, and it’s making computers more affordable for everyone. In today’s connected world, it’s critical that students have access to a computer and Internet to complete assignments. While the cost of desktop computers has not dropped as much as laptops, there are several cheap desktop computers you can find for under $200.00 depending on your needs.


When looking for a budget-friendly computer, you may want to go new because of the warranty. However, when you are looking for a new desktop that is under $200.00, you are going to get only the computer itself, sometimes called the “hard drive”. The cost of the memory, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories will increase the price you will pay.

You may want to consider a “refurbished” desktop computer that gives you quality and increased functions at a lower price, so that you can purchase the other needed accessories. Refurbished means that the product has been restored to “like-new” condition. But since there is no warranty, you will want to be careful with storing important data. These can be hard to find but there are many specials online from leading retailers such as BestBuy and TigerDirect.combuying guides and research resources that can help .

Some inexpensive but great quality refurbished computers include:

HP-Refurbished Desktop Computer – 4 GB Memory – 1 TB Hard Drive (Model: 110-017c):

At a price of approximately $199.00, this HP is an economical and powerful desktop. With 4GB of memory, a 1 TB hard drive, and 2.50 GHz processor speed, this desktop should be able to complete any type of student assignment.

HP – Refurbished – Business Desktop Computer – 4 GB Memory – 1 TB Hard Drive (Model: 5850SF-2.2AS-4-1T-DVD-7H):

This refurbished computer includes a 60 day warranty, which is an added bonus to be certain you don’t have any problems. With 4GB of memory, a 1TB hard drive, and a 2.20 GHz processor speed, this computer has both power and speed. At a price of $184.99, this computer is a steal!


When you look at the specifications for a computer, you’ll see “GB”, “TB”, “GHz”, and terms like memory and processor. Do you really understand what those terms mean and how they are important to the functioning of your computer?

  • Memory: Memory is the term for the device that stores programs and data in your computer either temporarily or permanently. Obviously, memory is required to operate your programs, so having sufficient memory is critical.
  • Processor: While your computer runs, the processor works in the background processing tasks and speeding up your ability to get them done. This is important, for example, when performing multiple tasks at one time.
  • GB stands for gigabyte, TB stands for terrabyte, and GHz stands for gigahertz. For each of these terms, the bigger the better. However, if a computer is used solely for word processing or web surfing, a smaller number may be acceptable.

Back-to-school time is one of the three best times of year to purchase desktop computers. Other good times, if you can wait for a bargain, are Christmas and after the beginning of a new year. Also, when companies put out a new model, the price of the older models will drop.

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